Our History

We have been helping businesses and governments achieve their industrial and environmental management goals for over 25 years.

Since 1992, Envirosystems has grown from a regional provider of industrial services into a North American leader comprised of the best local companies, dozens of North American locations, and a workforce of well over 1000 experienced professionals.

Committed to delivering local expertise from coast-to-coast, we fulfill this promise to our clients by acquiring the best local industrial services and environmental management companies across North America. When the Envirosystems family grows, our customers benefit through expanded service offerings and new applications, methods, technologies, and service locations.

Growth and Acquisition History

Name of Company

Acquired or Established by Envirosystems

Atlantic Industrial Services Acquired 1992
Atlantic Industrial Cleaners Acquired 1992
HD Industrial Services Established 2001
Dynamic Industrial Services Acquired 2005
Hydro Vac Industrial Services Acquired 2006
Quadra Industrial Services Acquired 2007
Barrington Industrial Services Acquired 2008
Barrington Environmental Services Acquired 2008
Hotz Environmental Services Acquired 2010
Crosbie Industrial Services Acquired 2011
Envirocote Protective Coatings Established 2011
Mattawa Industrial Services Acquired 2011
Amazon Environmental Acquired 2011
BC Master Blasters Acquired 2012
VisTec Industrial Services Established 2012
Mattawa Industrial USA Established 2012
Quadra Industrial Services amalgamated with BC Master Blasters Amalgamated in 2014
Hotz Environmental Services amalgamated with Hydro Vac Industrial & Marine Services Amalgamated in 2014
Victoria Treatment Facility from Tervita Corporation Acquired in 2016
Rocky Mountain Industrial Services Acquired in 2016


The last three years have been particularly busy with the acquisition of a number of new companies.

In 2010, we welcomed Hotz Environmental Services Inc. to the Envirosystems family. Founded to provide its clients with a comprehensive range of environmental services in the critical field of hazardous waste management, today Hotz is one of the leading household hazardous waste management companies in Canada.

In 2011, we expanded our footprint in Atlantic Canada with the acquisition of Crosbie Industrial Services Ltd., and reinforced our status as the leader in the North America paint recycling industry through a strategic partnership with Amazon Environmental Inc., the largest latex paint recycling company in the United States. We also grew our operations in Central and Western Canada by acquiring Mattawa Group Inc., a leading provider of specialty industrial services in Ontario and Alberta.

In 2012, we solidified our leadership position in Canada with the acquisition of BC Master Blasters Inc., a dynamic industrial cleaning contractor with operating divisions in BC and Alberta. With companies located all across Canada, we now have the most extensive Canadian service network in the industry.

In 2015, TorQuest Partners partnered with management and other co-investors to acquire a majority interest in Envirosystems Incorporated from Thornridge Holdings Limited.

Today, we are one of the most advanced and fastest growing industrial services organizations in North America. We will continue to expand in our quest to provide our customers with the best local expertise from coast to coast.