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Chemical Cleaning 2


Quadra Industrial Services was approached regarding the removal of 4’- 6‘of sludge (bitumen & sand) built up inside of freewater knockout vessels and treaters. The clients’ contract competitor had previously performed this scope of work by using high pressure wash (labourers) and vacuum trucks under SCBA in confined space entry.

Cost Saving Services

Quadra performed a non-invasive method of cleaning these vessels by using interval vessel cleaner (Gamma Jetting), circulation pumps, filters and heaters. The slurry was loosened up and removed by solvent and filtration system. An oil base H2S scavenger was also mixed with the solvent to remove H2S, LELs, etc. prior to getting rid of waste, reducing the costs of disposal.

The Results

Exposed man hours for confined space entry were greatly reduced, a significant safety milestone.

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