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Case Study: CPP Value Added

Value Added – Savings of Critical Path Time & Worker Exposure January Power Boiler Outage

This value added letter is to confirm process improvements, initiated by Sol Castle, which have reduced the critical path window required to clean the Super Heater section of the Power Boiler.

Previously, access to the Super Heater was limited and required confined space entry and the use of scaffolding for high pressure cleaning. Sol’s desire to reduce the cleaning window resulted in an initiative for the Mill to cut access points through welded soot blower ports. Access to the old soot blower ports would allow automated cleaning of the Super Heater for the first time. The scope change was a success, saving two days of critical path time by eliminating the erection and tear down of scaffolding and also by eliminating the need for a confined space entry.

Quadra Industrial Services is pleased to provide these sustainable savings of critical path time while reducing worker exposure. Please join us in congratulating Sol Castle in his commitment to continuous improvement.

Yours truly,

Jason Kydd, Operations Manager
Quadra Industrial Services

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