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Customer Reference Letter – Suncor Energy

Between October 2011 and May 2012 Quadra was contracted to Suncor Major Projects to supply the TRO (Tailings Reduction Operation) project with personnel and equipment to perform various dredging operations on the Suncor Oil Sands South Tailings Pond. As the Assistant Construction Manager, I dealt first hand with Quadra on a day to day basis. Services provided by Quadra were critical to the launching of the TRO Water Barge and the deployment of the anchors required to keep the barge in position. As the winter months approached, Quadra’s duties switched from dredging to ice breaking and other barge supporting activities including the transport of manpower, tools, material drinking water, non-potable water, and removal of waste from the barge. Throughout the winter month the services provided by Quadra allowed the construction of the water barges to continue in an effort to meet a completion date which was critical to the operation of Suncor’s extraction facilities. Work that was never though imaginable became easily executed with the support of Quadra. The project simply could not have been completed on time without the professional assistance from Darin Lamothe and his team.

Many companies talk a big game with safety, but rarely prove they truly believe in it. It became obvious to me very quickly that safety is a value that is regarded very highly within Quadra’s organization. The quality of their risk reviews, field level risk assessments, tool box talks, and weekly safety meetings were excellent. Suncor utilizes the SOS system which is a form that can be filled out by anyone to identify a near miss, hazards, safety improvements, positive behaviour, etc. – we typically ask our contractors to submit one per person each shift. Quadra submitted more SOS cards than any other contractor that has ever worked for Major Projects in the 10 years that we have operated as the Construction Management Team for Suncor’s major projects. The high number of SOS cards paid off for Quadra as they completed 8 months of extremely high risk on water work in winter conditions, incident free. They have proved to Suncor that our Journey to Zero injuries is in fact accomplishable.

I often tell people an organized office leads to an organized crew in the field. Daily LEM’s, bi-weekly progress meetings, and monthly invoicing always went very smoothly. It was a pleasure to deal with the Senior VP, Terry Kipper and Julie Kipper on any administration issues. Quadra has proven themselves with Suncor and since the original contract they have been awarded additional pressure washing work and dredging work at our Sand Dump 8 location. I highly recommend Quadra. They have proven to us that not only do they provide excellence with their dredging division, the same core fundaments of business apply in all other areas of service they offer.

Jason Starchuk
Suncor Energy Inc.

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