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Customer Reference Letter: Suncor Sarnia Refinery

From the Operations Turnaround Coordinator

During our 2014 fall plant #3 and #4 turnaround, your team provided services at the Suncor Sarnia site. Your company, H.D. Industrial Services, performed both a vapor phase cleaning package, a tank H2S scavenger rinse and de-inventory, in addition to numerous vacuum truck activities.

The vapor phase cleaning work was by far the largest of the work scope your team executed for us. It was a labor intensified job within a short duration. It required the use of a number of different equipment and manpower. Representatives from your company engaged themselves with our team during the course of the project, from the out set to initial planning stages and right through the final demob and cleanup. I was impressed by the high level of professionalism and attention to safety exhibited by your team’s members, at all levels.

The work scope, procedures and schedule developed by the personnel, dedicated to our site were reviewed and edited to our needs and in a timely manner. They reflected a high level of dedication and expertise. The fieldwork, including the set-up and tear down of the necessary equipment was a joint team effort. It required a high level of coordination between both your team and ours. Again, this process was executed in a professional and timely manner. The monitoring, testing and results reporting were completed to our satisfaction and in a timely manner. There were some timing changes, which presented your personnel with challenges, but they proved themselves with the ability to adapt.

The second work scope we commissioned your team to complete was the H2S scavenged rinse, and de-inventory of one of our units water tanks. The task was planned and executed safely, with substantially less lead-time. Your company was able to provide equipment, procedures, manpower, set-up and tear down, all in a short period of time. Again, this process was completed safely and efficiently demonstrating your team’s professionalism. Your vacuum truck and operator services demonstrated your ability to provide adequate equipment and manpower as needed to meet our needs. The services were prearranged and on short notice and were handled safely and efficiently under demanding conditions including poor weather, late hours and weekend shifts. Your dedication to safety aligns well with Suncor’s safety philosophy, which is paramount to us here, at the Suncor Sarnia site. I look forward to working with your team again. Keep up the good work.

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