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High Pressure Water 2

Atlantic Industrial Cleaners provided High Pressure water blasting services to a power plant during its annual shutdown for several years. Part of this annual service included cleaning the 7th floor super heater section of three separate boilers which required manual High Pressure gunning and confined space entry.

Cost Savings Services with Enhanced Safety through Automation
AIC’s continuous strive to automate our High Pressure services allows us to:
• Reduce exposure to employees
• Reduce/eliminate the need for confined space entries
• Offer cost savings through reduced manpower and equipment requirements
• Offer faster turnaround times to our clients reducing their plants overall downtime

A new Cable Mounted Rotary High Pressure tool was purchased with the above job in mind, allowing it to be run through the boiler hatchways from one end to the other via a cable eliminating the need for any entry as well as all manual HP gun cleaning. Furthermore, we are now able to offer this service to our customer at a reduced cost; cutting the number of pumps and men required for this job in half, and reducing the downtime by a full twelve hour shift.

The Results
The most important result is the improvement in safety: a complete elimination of our employees performing manual HP gun cleaning inside of a confined space while laying on their stomachs. Through this one job we are able to eliminate almost five hundred man hours per year of confined space entry manual HP blasting. We are also able to offer the power plant a savings of $40,000 per year plus 12 hours less downtime for their boiler.

Download this case study: High Pressure Water Case Study

HP Rotary Tool Boiler Cleaning Demonstration