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High Pressure Water 1


A large pulp and paper client of BC Master Blasters (BCMB) was forced to take an emergency outage at its Mill in British Columbia due to a production drop of up to 30% of capacity in their Kamyr Digester. Scale had built up on the centering legs in each annulus of the concentric center pipe, causing significant pluggage.

Cost Saving Services

BCMB was hired to provide high pressure cleaning. All exterior piping was inspected and found to be plugged up to 100% pluggage, and all piping was high pressure cleaned to 99% clean. Material removed had growth rings up to 1/8” per year of accumulation.

The Results

Following high pressure cleaning, the Kamyr Digester returned to performance with no known mechanical restrictions, operating at 22 rpm up from 16 rpm before the outage, an efficiency increase of 37.5%.

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