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Customer Reference Letter – Agrium Inc.

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To whom it may concern,

Mattawa was on site during our Turnaround in June this year led by Chris Stagge. They participated in pre-TA planning, sites orientations, and field execution. They conducted 2” pipe replacement inside one of our acid towers; brush cleaned the tubes in two waste heat boilers, and screened and replaced the catalyst in three beds of our converters.

In the pre-planning phase, Mattawa was very thorough in producing their plans covering correct PPE, procedures, safe plan of actions, decontamination plans, scope documentation, and schedules. They were efficient in having the pre-planning done early with good communication to ensure success.

Mattawa executed the work during this year’s Turnaround on schedule, budget and more importantly without any incidents or injuries. I can recommend Mattawa without hesitation based on my experience.

<br/ >Troy Hymas
Agrium CPO
Turnaround Coordinator