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Scale Pit Blow Down Piping


Dynamic Industrial Services was asked to solve a problem at a steel manufacturer. A large scale pit required new blow down piping to be installed, but large amounts of scale remained in the pit, building up around the mill’s pumps and blocking the installation. The scale needed to be removed with the mill running in order to use the existing water in the pit to assist in removal and save costs. Using vacuum and high pressure water trucks would take approximately 6 to 7 days.

Cost Saving Services

With time constraints and the requirement that the mill remain online, Dynamic deployed specialized high volume, high pressure NLB pumps into the pit. The pumps ran an innovative underwater spinner that broke up the scale, allowing the mill’s own pumps to function properly and remove it.

The Results

Scale was reduced by over 80% prior to confined space entry, which was completed in only 36 hours without compromising safety. In all, estimated savings to the customer totaled $100,000. The blow down pipe was installed on time prior to shutdown completion.

Download this case study: Scale Pit Blow Down Piping