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Scrap Metal & Scale Buildup


Dynamic Industrial Services was asked to solve a problem at a large steel manufacturer. Scrap metal and scale buildup had been occurring at the end of a sluice which ran into the scale pit. This build up was densely compacted and rusted together over 20 years of mill rolling. Using vacuum trucks and high pressure water blasting, the job was expected to take 2-3 days of work, and safety was a major concern.

Cost Saving Services

Dynamic was able to provide innovative robotic technology from sister company Quadra, a Brokk remote control device similar to a backhoe and referred to as a ‘2-by-2’. The device was lowered by crane into the sluice, jack hammering the debris into easily removable pieces. The job was completed safely from outside the pit.

The Results

Total time to complete the job was only 6 hours and at an estimated savings of $10,000 to the customer. No confined space was required, no additional manpower was required, and safety was not compromised.

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