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Trenchless Technologies


Crosbie Industrial Service was requested by a client to supply a cost estimate to reline 72 feet of 100mm no-corrode pipe, also known as Orange-berg pipe. The client was concerned with both cost and the impact on the environment, such as loosing trees and other such vegetation that can take years to regrow.

Cost Saving Services

Crosbie supplied the client was a detailed cost estimate to install a liner through the sewer lateral using trenchless technologies that would prevent the need for tree removal, landscape destruction, and road/sidewalk cuts.

The Results

Weighing out circumstances and costs, the client selected Crosbie to reline the pipe. Repairing the building sewer lateral without digging took only 10 hours. Installation was completed through existing clean-out with very little stress to the occupant, and the building owner has a 50-100 year life given back its sanitary drainage system.

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