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Crosbie Industrial Services Approved for Drilling Mud Treatment in Newfoundland

November 8th, 2013

As one of Newfoundland’s most experienced providers of industrial services and municipal services, Crosbie Industrial Services is expanding its abilities to handle drilling mud in the province.

After receiving environmental approval from the province and with new equipment arriving at their Logy Bay Road site, Crosbie will soon be able to treat drilling mud – a by-product of Newfoundland’s booming offshore oil exploration and development sectors – before it is sent off to a waste disposal facility.

Drilling muds, also commonly referred to as drilling fluids, are mixtures that are used in oil and gas drilling operations to remove milled products or cuttings from shafts along with oil or gas products. Constant treatment of drilling muds is essential to ensuring smooth operations for oil and gas explorers and developers.

By investing in new equipment and infrastructure in Newfoundland, Crosbie hopes to reduce the amount of waste being sent to other provinces, particularly New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. One of Crosbie’s primary goals is to develop comprehensive treatment options for waste drill muds that allows for the local treatment and disposal of the final product.

Crosbie is proposing to add a pug mill operation, along with a lime holding tank, to the current holding tanks and water treatment systems at their Logy Bay Road facility in Newfoundland. The pug mill operation will be very valuable in solidifying and stabilizing the waste drill muds for full treatment to allow for local disposal.

For more information on Crosbie Industrial Services or their drilling mud treatment services in Newfoundland and Labrador, visit www.crosbieindustrial.com. You can also read more about this exciting development in The Telegram.

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