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Envirosystems’ Companies Complete Major Dewatering Project in Ontario

October 16th, 2013

In early September, a number of Envirosystems’ companies from across North America successfully completed a major dewatering project in Ontario that involving the processing of nearly 3 million litres of water per day through polymer injection and geo-bags.

Dewatering Services Envirosystems
The dewatering project site was an environmentally sensitive ecological swamp site, and as such was subject to the strictest rules and regulations set by the Ontario Ministry of Environment. In previous years and on multiple occasions, the customer had attempted to dewater the site with other dewatering contractors but had been unsuccessful.

At the outset of Envirosystems’ engagement with the project, the daily flow of water was so great that the system came close to maxing out. However, thanks to excellent communication between the Envirosystems team and the customer, all challenges were overcome and the dewatering project continued.

Using a polymer injection technique to help speed the solid water separation process, the dewatering team was able to improve the dewatering of materials inside the geo-bags while also reducing costs for the customer.

Though the lead company on the project was Quadra Industrial Services, this dewatering project was truly a collaborative effort from several Envirosystems companies, from the planning stages to dewatering project completion. Dewatering expertise and project management were supplied by Atlantic Industrial Cleaners and Dynamic Industrial Services, labour support was provided by Dynamic Industrial Services, HD Industrial Services, and HydroVac Industrial & Marine Services, and safety coverage was provided by Hotz Environmental Services and Mattawa Industrial Services.

Following successful completion of the project, the client has subsequently awarded Envirosystems two additional dewatering projects, both of which are currently underway.

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