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Envirosystems’ Amalgamation is Underway!

May 13th, 2016


The amalgamation of three Envirosystems brands, Crosbie Industrial Services, Atlantic Industrial Services and Atlantic Industrial Cleaners into one operating region, Envirosystems East, has been completed as of this month.

Envirosystems, the most multi-faceted industrial cleaning company in the Maritimes, provides a wide range of industrial cleaning and waste disposal services to industrial, commercial and municipal customers in Atlantic Canada.

The East Region, originates from the integration of Atlantic Industrial Cleaners, Atlantic Industrial Services and Crosbie Industrial Services offering a wide array of services, including high pressure water cleaning and de-scaling, wet and dry vacuum services, waste treatment, transportation and disposal, hot wash, hydro-excavation, ultra-high pressure and cold cutting, dredging, catalyst services, household hazardous waste programs, demolition and construction services, offshore waste management solutions and more.

With a processing capacity of over 50 million litres annually, Envirosystems has the largest waste water processing capabilities in Atlantic Canada and operates Atlantic Canada’s most advanced hazardous waste transfer facility, located in Moncton, NB. It provides a fleet of specialized equipment for collecting and transporting waste materials, and processes all collected materials locally, saving our customers’ money and helping them exceed all regulatory requirements.

Envirosystems innovative three-phase oily water separation facility in St. John’s NL recovers valuable base oils and recycles oil-based drilling mud for reuse in the industry, all while creating a sanitary water discharge. This facility registered to the ISO 9001:2008 standard is able to store up to five million litres of product in a self-bermed, explosion-proof, multi-use building that includes a pit area and installation for centrifuge and tri-canter applications.

Recognized as an industry leader in health and safety by both customers and safety audit organizations, Envirosystems always ensures that safety is a top priority with all projects and at all work sites.

For more information contact Alec Thomas at athomas@envirosystems.ca.