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Envirosystems Employees Accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

August 25th, 2014

During the Neves Leadership Program training in Ogden, Utah last week, the attending members made the commitment to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge together. Scott Sangster, Bruce Stagge, Chris Stagge and Dan Behm quickly made arrangements to have buckets full of ice water and a skid steer available to make this happen. A group of 11 accepted the challenge with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Ogden, Utah as the beautiful back drop. Donations from the attendees and Envirosystems totaled $3000.

Those who accepted the challenge were:
Mike Ryan, Alec Thomas, Terry Kipper, Bruce Stagge, Chris Stagge, Jeff Maki, Lilla Green, John Green, Scott Sangster, Dan Behm and Ray Bushfield (L&R Consulting).

Envirosystems is challenging Envirosystems Employees to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!! If you accept you can do it alone or get a group of people together to do it. Try something creative and share your videos. Take this opportunity to challenge your customers or vendors as well.

Time Magazine reported Friday, Aug 22 that the ALS Association has raised $53M since the challenge started on July 29th. To put in perspective how much awareness this has brought to ALS, the association raised $64M in all of 2013.