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Envirosystems Testing New Safety Leadership Fundamentals Training Course

September 25th, 2013

As part of our ongoing commitment to health and safety leadership, on August 7, 2013 Envirosystems launched a test pilot of our new Safety Leadership Fundamentals training course for a cross-section of supervisors and managers from our operating divisions across North America.

“It was a wonderful experience and great starting point for our future leaders,” said Mike Ryan, Envirosystems’ President, CEO, and Vice Chairman.

The course has been designed as the introduction to our formal Supervisor/Manager training program, the Neves Leadership Program, named in memory of our trusted team member Manuel “Neves” Almeida.

As an organization, we strive to provide our customers and employees with the best equipment, technology, and training available to ensure that no project has more value than the well-being of an individual. The Safety Leadership Fundamentals course has been designed to reflect that belief. Currently, the course is composed of 6 key modules: Manage vs. Lead, Safety Management System Participation, Communication, Recognition and Motivation, Difficult Situations and Team Building. Future courses will also include modules on Hazard Identification, Incident Management, Risk Tolerance, Violence & Harassment Prevention, Substance Abuse, Performance Appraisals, and Ethics.

Upon completing the Safety Leadership Fundamentals course, all supervisors and managers will be provided with access to additional class-based courses and e-learning modules on an ongoing basis.

Based upon the excellent feedback we have received from course participants, our management team is continuously making improvements to the Safety Leadership Fundamentals course. We anticipate rolling out the course across Envirosystems in 2014 and beyond.

To find out more about our Neves Leadership Program or our Safety Leadership Fundamentals course, contact us today.

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