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How Amazon Environmental Turns Millions of Gallons of Unused Paint into Green Solutions

October 9th, 2013

As the United States’ leading manufacturer of recycled latex paints and coating products, Amazon Environmental has turned millions of gallons of leftover paint into environmentally-friendly alternative products since 1992.

Amazon Environmental Paint Recycling Latex Paints

Within 5 years, experts predict that the volume of spent or unused paint collected in the United States will increase tenfold. Directly responsible for this projected increase in paint collection is the success of the Paint Product Stewardship Initiative.

Paint Product Stewardship is a national collaboration between paint manufacturers, government agencies, retailers and recyclers to reduce waste and help protect the environment. Over the last several years, paint manufacturers have increasingly taken on the financial and organizational responsibility to collect, properly dispose of, or recycle leftover paints.

This huge projected increase in the collection of spent or unused paint will require new processing facilities, new markets, and the development of new products in order to properly handle and recycle all materials.

Amazon Environmental Inc., with paint recycling facilities across the United States, specializes in providing unique solutions for leftover water-based paints, including paints that may have outlived their usefulness as coatings.

Committed to a greener future, Amazon currently holds patents on proprietary processes for re-manufacturing unusable paints into viable new products, such as alternative raw materials that can be used in the manufacture of cement products. Amazon also uses paints with residual coating value to manufacture green, recycled content coatings that can be added to the product line of any paint manufacturer around the world.

The paint recycling process begins with its most important step: sorting all collected paint and coating products.

Every can and pail that Amazon Environmental receives is opened and inspected to determine if the paint is usable. Good quality, reusable paints are always hand sorted by color for further processing into recycled content paint.

Reusable paints of the same color are then pumped into tanks and mixed with a high-speed mixer. All paints are tested for viscosity, color, sheen, coverage, pH and other characteristics, and then adjusted with additives as necessary to meet very strict specifications. Finally, the paint is filtered and packaged for sale.

Amazon’s Select Paint brand meets the same specifications as high quality virgin paint sold by some of the nation’s leading paint manufacturers. It is certified as a quality, recycled content, environmentally preferable product.

Amazon currently has four paint recycling facilities across the United States, located in Riverside, California, Sacramento, California, Fridley, Minnesota and Prior, Oklahoma, and looks forward to working with paint stewardship programs to re-use every gallon of unused paint for environmentally responsible products, reducing the amount of paint sent to landfills and incinerators.

To find out more about Amazon Environmental’s, and sister company Hotz Environmental Services’, paint recycling services, click here.

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