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Preventing Refinery Shutdowns with ‘Online’ Line Cleaning

September 18th, 2013

Innovative line cleaning service can eliminate downtime, improve safety, and provide significant cost-savings for North American refineries.

Online Line Cleaning for Refineries
Through extensive research, testing, and development, British Columbia-based BC Master Blasters (BCMB) has designed an innovative in-process pipeline cleaning delivery system that allows high pressure line cleaning on process lines that must remain operational and in service.

This unique and “hands free” delivery system means that BC Master Blasters is able to clean long runs of process lines safely and efficiently while preventing the need for disruptive shutdowns that can cost refineries millions of dollars.

All of BCMB’s unique ‘online’ jetting and delivery systems are designed and built in-house under the watchful eye of Ewen Cameron. They are able to maximize pressures and flows, are self-indexing at controlled feed rates, can be linked to portable boilers for hot diluents application, facilitate camera inspections, and they eliminate the need for the construction of redundant lines that help to facilitate the cleaning of main lines.

Ultimately, BCMB’s online line cleaning delivery system is a safe solution for highly volatile lines, pressure relief lines, distribution lines, and process lines.

For more information on the innovative online line cleaning delivery system and to find out how much your organization could save, contact BC Master Blasters.

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