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Moving Towards Automated High Pressure Water Blasting

December 18th, 2013

Automating high pressure water blasting has the potential to dramatically increase safety and productivity on industrial cleaning projects.

At almost every industrial services provider, high pressure water blasting is one of the most common services provided. Typically, high pressure water blasting is used to clean equipment and facilities, such as heat exchanger tubes, fuel tanks, pipes, vessels and concrete surfaces. When done correctly, high pressure water blasting is a highly effective industrial cleaning method.

It can also be a highly dangerous one.

Traditionally, high pressure water blasting involves pressurizing water to anywhere between 8,000 to 40,000 pounds per square inch (psi) and requires an operator to manually direct the flow using specialized high pressure lances. Pressures such as these can easily cut through multiple layers of clothing and cause serious injury in the case of accidental contact.

That’s why Envirosystems has committed to automating as much of the high pressure water blasting process as possible. In the future, our divisions will utilize advanced automated high pressure water blasting equipment to ensure that every operator is protected on every project. Safety is always our chief concern.

The automation of these procedures will increase safety by allowing the operator to retain complete control from a safe distance, significantly reducing the potential for injury. Automating these processes will also allow for improvements in quality and productivity, especially when it comes to bundle cleaning. By some estimates, fully automated bundle cleaning equipment can increase productivity by up to 90%!

To learn more about Envirosystems high pressure water blasting services, please visit: http://www.envirosystemsglobal.com/services/high-pressure-services/

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