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Overcoming Environmental and Flood Water Challenges on Dewatering Projects

December 11th, 2013

Dynamic Industrial Services recently completed two large mechanical dewatering projects for a major pipeline contractor in Southern Ontario.

Starting in early September, 2013, a major pipeline contractor was integrity testing a pipeline in Southern Ontario. Integrity testing, which involves excavation to expose specific sections of pipe, requires that the exposed sections of pipe be kept dry to ensure the testing process is successful.

In the absence of dry conditions, both the costs and timelines of integrity testing can be severely impacted. Accordingly, dewatering projects such as these require 24/7 management until all testing and any necessary repair work is complete.

These particular dewatering projects posed several operational and environmental challenges that required extensive care, planning, and monitoring to ensure their success.

The first project site, located in one of Ontario’s largest and most environmentally sensitive wetlands, is home to several varieties of trees as well as rare species of animals and plants. In order to not upset the delicate balance of the ecosystem, the project required special considerations. With five dig sites and a need to handle up to 5 million gallons per day, the Dynamic Industrial Services team worked around the clock to ensure that all requirements were met. Water was collected from the dig sites and discharged using a total of 7 storage tanks (18,000 gallons each,) 2 phase separators, a 4-pod sand filter system, bag filter, a total of 27 pumps of assorted types and sizes, 18 containment berms and 7,600 feet of pipe and hose – all carefully planned out to protect the sensitive ecological environment of the wetlands.

The second project, also on environmentally sensitive lands, involved the need to divert a slow moving creek. During the project however, abnormally high levels of rain caused the creek to swell well beyond its normal levels, complicating dewatering efforts and requiring quick thinking from the Dynamic team. Ultimately, using 13 pumps and over 5,200 feet of hose, the Dynamic team was able to pump over 43 million gallons of water each day to successfully complete the project.

Thanks to operational support provided from Quadra Industrial Services and Atlantic Industrial Services, both dewatering projects were completed safely, on-time, and in accordance with all environmental requirements.

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