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Revolutionizing Spent Caustic Treating with Envirosystems Ozone Ultrasonic Treatment

April 10th, 2014

Envirosystems has developed a state-of-the-art caustic treating system that can safely and effectively handle the most hazardous spent caustic waste streams generated by the oil and gas industry.

caustic treating

These aqueous waste streams are typically generated as a result of caustic scrubbing processes where excess acidic and sulfuric compounds are removed from refined mid and final products, creating a stream with very high amounts of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), organic disulfides, phenolics, mercaptans and other hydrocarbon compounds.

The presence of these high amounts of H2S and other sulfurous compounds in a highly alkaline medium makes this waste stream extremely hazardous with few economical disposal options. Liabilities are typically high and current disposal solutions involve trucking the waste over long distances to the final disposal site.

Using an effective and efficient advanced oxidation process, the Envirosystems Ozone Ultrasonic Treatment (O.U.T.™) system can neutralize these caustic waste streams, rendering the sulfurous compounds into benign water and soluble salts without high pressure or temperature. This mobile solution allows our customers the opportunity to treat their waste on-site, eliminating the cost and risks associated with off-site disposal. The Envirosystems O.U.T. system typically operates under ambient conditions and has a high degree of process operating flexibility, allowing customized treatment options dependent on the customer’s needs.

We have successfully treated highly sulfurous waste caustic streams in its industrial scale unit. When looking at a photo of the system’s process (the small photo insert at the bottom of the above photo), the evolution from waste caustic stream (first jar) to neutralization (second jar), clarification (third jar) and polishing (fourth jar) can be easily seen. The resulting “polished liquid” met discharge criteria of the local municipal treatment system.

The advanced oxidation process combines powerful oxidants and optimal mixing using a patented mixing device (OptiMixer), which creates large surface contact area allowing faster chemical reactions to take place. In addition, ultrasonic waves are used to destabilize bonds between atoms/molecules of complex and stable chemical compounds, allowing the desired neutralization reactions to be achieved in an efficient manner. Clarification and polishing are accomplished through waste stream specific technologies including flocculation, coagulation, membrane and media filtration on an as-needed basis. The process knowledge was developed in-house by the Envirosystems Research & Development team.

Although initial work was completed on spent caustic, we have been able to effectively treat other streams including difficult to remove compounds such as those found in pharmaceutical waste streams. We envisage also treating H2S waste waters as well as produced waters from gas drilling operations.

Our service program includes on-site trials, temporary treatment to clear backlogs, ongoing prescheduled maintenance or dedicated on-site systems.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Envirosystems O.U.T. system, contact Norm Mensour at (902) 494-5349 or contact us by email.

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