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Using Advanced Technologies to Fuel Industrial Services Innovation

November 29th, 2013

Since its founding, Quadra Industrial Services has been an industry leader in deploying new technologies and equipment to transform industrial processes.

Quadra Industrial Services Innovation
Quadra Industrial Services holds a reputation in the North American industrial services industry for performing many “firsts”. Always eager to embrace new challenges, the Quadra team is among the most experienced groups in North America at designing and/or deploying new technologies and equipment that can solve problems, improve results, drive efficiencies, and increase safety.

Frequently, many of these technologies and pieces of equipment have helped to revolutionize the services they help to provide.

Here are a few examples of how Quadra Industrial Services has used advanced robotic technologies and equipment to fuel innovation across a number of service areas.

Specialty Demolition & Refractory

Long ago, Quadra recognized the need for high speed, high quality demolition and refractory services that could control costs but also better protect employee safety and promote environmental friendliness. The answer? The powerful and versatile Brokk Robot (‘Spider Model’ pictured above).

These innovative pieces of technology are remote controlled, allowing operators to move freely and focus on safety and precision. The Brokk’s extremely small outer dimensions and light weight also mean it can get into small openings and confined space easily, helping to maximize efficiency. And because it’s powered by electricity, the Brokk can safely work indoors and in kilns, eliminating issues from exhaust fumes and noise caused from traditional combustion engines. The Brokk robot allows Quadra to focus on maximizing customer profitability, efficiency and safety.

Exchanger Cleaning

Exchanger cleaning – whether shell side or tube side cleaning – should not be a bottleneck during a shutdown or turnaround. Based on this belief, Quadra has always been a major proponent of using automated cleaning systems to help improve both the speed of service and operator safety.

Today, Quadra has a diverse inventory of automated high pressure cleaning equipment, including Bundle Blasters, multilancers, rotary lances, in-place lancing equipment, and cab-controlled lancing machines, all of which allow it meet any bundle cleaning requirement safely, on time, and on budget. Quadra operates at the forefront of the exchanger cleaning field.


Through an experienced crew of dredge operators and a fleet of revolutionary dredging technologies, Quadra Industrial Services has become an industry leader in oil sands dredging in Alberta.

With a fleet of powerful Amphibex dredges, including the Amphibex 400, Amphibex 600, and Amphibex 800, Quadra is able to offer a complete range of project-specific solutions, regardless of the challenges or scope. Because of the power and versatility of its dredges, Quadra is among the most respected companies in the industry for slurry excavation and removal, debris and vegetation excavation and removal, and ice breaking, completing even the toughest projects safely, on time, and on budget.


Microlift Services
Quadra’s innovative Micro-Lift division uses specialized equipment to provide lifting support when unique project requirements call for it.

Gathered from leading providers from around the world, Quadra’s fleet of lifting equipment is highly specialized and adaptable, and can be tailored to meet lifting requirements that arise in unique situations or environments, such as in confined or awkward spaces (as in the above photo taken in a furnace). Extremely flexible, these advanced pieces of technology have capacities from 0.995t x 1.1m to 2.9t x 1.4m and a max work radius between 5.1m and 8.41m. Because of this, Micro-Lift equipment presents a world of opportunity to work safer and more efficiently than in the past.

To find out more about how Quadra Industrial Services is using advanced technologies to drive innovation in the industrial services industry, please visit their website at www.quadraindustrial.com.

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