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VisTec Industrial Services Opens New Midwest Location in Superior, Wisconsin

October 30th, 2013

A Midwest leader in industrial safety and innovation, VisTec Industrial Services recently opened a new location in Superior, Wisconsin, near the border of Northwest Wisconsin and Northeast Minnesota.

VisTec Industrial Services is a progressive, technology-driven organization that is committed to innovation and leadership in the industrial services industry. Founded in 2012, VisTec has since worked across the United States, combining automated technologies with the industry’s most experienced professionals. With the addition of this new location, VisTec now has a physical presence in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Utah, and Wisconsin.

Leading VisTec’s activities at the new Wisconsin location is industry veteran Art Kroll. Art is a new member of the VisTec team, but brings to the organization over 28 years of experience in executing projects of all shapes and sizes in the refining, pulp & paper and mining industries.

Art not only brings a wealth of talent and specialized knowledge to VisTec, but is also exceptionally well suited to helping VisTec achieve its goals of leading the high pressure waterblasting industry in driving out manual cleaning methods through automation. Throughout his career, Art has been a steadfast proponent of using technology to improve safety and results.

Since its founding, VisTec has also been an organization that has sought to use advanced robotic technologies to create value for its customers. Particularly in the high pressure waterblasting industry, deploying these advanced technologies has the potential to dramatically improve project safety, speed, and results when compared with traditional handheld cleaning methods.

This means that vital process equipment can be brought back online much faster than ever before. Oftentimes, equipment even returns to service much more productive because of improvements in cleaning consistency.

Perfectly suited for cleaning boilers, reactors, evaporators, separators, condensers, cooling tubes, and shell or tube-side cleaning of heat exchangers, VisTec’s cutting edge automated cleaning technologies are the future of high pressure cleaning at petrochemical and refining facilities.

For more information about how VisTec Industrial Services is leading the industrial services industry, or for more information on VisTec’s new location in Wisconsin, please visit the VisTec Industrial Services website.

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