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VisTec Introduces Cured In Place Piping Services

January 29th, 2014

Cured in Place Piping is a safe, innovative, non-destructive, and affordable approach to underground municipal infrastructure rehabilitation projects.

Are you concerned with the state of your city’s underground infrastructure? Chances are you’re not alone. Across the United States, municipalities are scrambling to deal with challenges stemming from cracked or leaking sewers, storm drains and other pipes.

In fact, there are over 300,000 water main breaks alone every year in North America! And in a time of budgetary pressures, it’s no surprise that municipalities are looking for new solutions given that it’s been estimated that it will cost between $3 and $5 billion over the next 20 years to upgrade the nation’s underground water and wastewater systems.

That’s why budget-conscious municipalities are increasingly turning to trenchless technologies like Cured In Place Piping for their underground infrastructure repair projects.

Cured in Place Piping is a reliable long-term solution that has been proven to add to the working life of underground infrastructure such as sewers, storm drains, groundwater infiltration lines, or other industrial piping. And because Cured In Place Piping eliminates the need for costly and damaging excavation, rehabilitation projects can be made safer and can be completed in days instead of weeks and without the disruption that traditional excavation causes.

Cured In Place Piping involves the installation of specialized liners into many types of underground and above-ground piping using advanced lateral lining equipment. Using water or air pressure, the lining is fed into the pipe or sewer where it reacts with a heated specialized coating so that it cures in place and forms a seamless ‘pipe within a pipe’ that can last for decades.

Envirosystems Inc. has been an advocate of using advanced technologies to support industrial services since its founding in 1995. In this tradition, VisTec Industrial Services seeks to provide its customers with a complete portfolio of advanced industrial services, including trenchless rehabilitation.

VisTec understands how and where to deploy resources to help municipalities across the United States realize long-term cost savings on their infrastructure repair projects. The knowledge, expertise, and experience of our team of experienced CIPP professionals ensures that every project is completed safely, on time, and on budget.

VisTec services clients in the upper Midwest and Pacific Northwest, though its Cured In Place Piping services are offered out of the Billings, Montana location.

This week, VisTec’s CIPP professionals are attending the 2014 Energy Generation Conference in Bismarck, North Dakota and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your Cured In Place Piping needs and any other additional industrial cleaning solutions.

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