Catalyst Changeout Services

At Envirosystems, we provide full-service catalyst changeout services to the refining, chemical, and petrochemical industries throughout Canada and the United States.

We are industry leaders in catalyst changeout, removing and replacing spent catalyst from all types of reactors and process vessels. Our experienced operators are expertly trained in loading and unloading catalyst for confined space entry, as well as providing service for both reactors and vessels. We take a team approach to success and during our Workface Planning Process seek input from safety, planning and scheduling, maintenance, operations, engineering, procurement, and subject matter experts.

Because of the dangerous nature of catalyst work, we invest heavily in the most advanced safety and high performance equipment available to ensure our professionals are protected from hazardous materials and our customers receive the best service. Our equipment is designed for safety, reliability and efficiency. On every project, our catalyst services professionals are relentlessly focused on safety at all times and on helping our refining, chemical and petrochemical customers reduce downtime and save money.

We are among the most respected organizations in North America for planning and executing catalyst projects for turnarounds and shutdowns.

We provide:

  • Catalyst loading
  • Catalyst unloading
  • Inert Entry
  • Product removal
  • Vacuum systems
  • Gravity dumping
  • Auguring
  • High pressure water services
  • Dynamite
  • Spent catalyst storage
  • Sock loading
  • Dense loading
  • Pneumatic loading

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