Waste Reduction & Recycling

As an industry leader in waste reduction & recycling, we strive to protect the environment while reducing costs for our customers.

Our extensive collection of advanced facilities and experienced operators means we are able to meet a wide range of industrial and environmental waste management and recycling challenges across North America, and using a variety of collection and treatment methods allows us to handle many different types of contaminants.

We invest heavily in our people and our equipment to ensure we are able to provide customers with all of the latest technologies, processes, and waste management and recycling services.

Our network of waste management and recycling facilities includes waste water treatment facilities, oil processing facilities, chemical manufacturing facilities, paint processing and recycling facilities, hazardous waste processing facilities, modern sewage treatment facilities, and waste depots. We also possess extensive transportation capabilities, deploying hundreds of pieces of transportation equipment such as B-Trains, tankers, van bodies, fuel trucks, and wet/dry vacuum units.

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